Iconic Ways to Enjoy Glenwood Springs While Staying at Affordable Inns

Glenwood Springs is an adventurous and fun destination situated in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. You can spend a great vacation with your family, friends, spouse or even alone. There are iconic things to see and do in Glenwood Springs.

Relax in a hotel near Hot Spring Pool

The Affordable Inns Hotel is a few blocks away from Caverns Adventure Park. Even the popular Hot Spring Pool is within walking distance from Affordable Inns. There are myriads of activities you can enjoy during the stay including hiking, biking, skiing, rafting, horseback riding, and soak in hot springs. Visit their website to look at some good packages and plan your vacation.

Iconic ways to relax and enjoy Glenwood Springs

Caverns Adventure Park

It is an amusement park located on the summit of Iron Mountain amidst stunning natural sceneries. Some rides offer you a Colorado River view from the top. The Glenwood Cavern walking tours allow exploring the underground landscape, which is a million years old. The King’s Row is a decorated cave room, which is a unique experience.

Hot Springs

There are natural hot springs in Glenwood because it is nestled amid the Rocky Mountains offering geothermal. A dip in the hot spring pool helps to unwind and relax absorbing the beautiful surroundings. Water from hot springs is great for your body because it holds 15 minerals that enhance general and skin health.

Hanging Lake Trail

The Glenwood Springs area has gorgeous hiking trails that need to be explored. The Hanging Lake Trail measures 3.2 miles and is the toughest one. It is situated in the core of Glenwood Springs Canyon. The climbs are rigorous and steep, so be prepared for a great exercise. You will pass small crystal-clear waterfalls, colorful wildflowers, and charming streams.

Grizzly Creek Trail

It is easy than Hanging Lake Trail with a length of 3.4 miles. Hikers enjoy the peaceful and pleasant walking experience along the river with a stunning natural backdrop. Water flowing sound and birds chirping is a way of escaping a noisy city life.

Kayaking and rafting

In summer, tourists enjoy two thrilling activities i.e. kayaking and rafting. The huge Colorado River passing the Glenwood Canyon offers a great opportunity for kayaking and rafting. Water flows through the canyon and cliffs set on both sides offer a great setting for exciting rides. You can even relax at the riverside hot springs between rafting trips.

Post Author: Evie Cory