Few Informative and Interesting Facts about Ouray

Ouray is a beautiful destination that is known for its fascinating history.  In the 18th century, the town was well known as a mining spot and gradually at the end of the century when the mining activities ceased, the town emerged as the most scenic city in the world.

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More about the history of the wonderful town, Ouray:

Many mining towns after the mining period was over changed into ghost town, however Ouray remained fully occupied as it became more popular as unique tourist destination welcoming visitors all year around to enjoy its natural scenic spots as well as to experience the thrilling activities the town is most famously known for. Yes, you guessed it right! Ouray is a popular destination for ice skaters and skiers.

Ouray early history to the present days:

It was first occupied by the nomad tribe well known as Tabeguache Utes. They settled there as there was abundance of natural resources to prosper and live peacefully. The town got its name honoring their tribal chief Ute Chief Ouray.

White people started to settle in the town when it was announced to be a place to find gold and silver in abundance. Gradually, they started populating the place and the tribal people reduced in number.

In 1875, Ouray became an establishment that fully was under white people, had its first mine and later on as years went by new mining sites came up and the town was well recognized in the world map. However, as good things come to an end the mining came to a total stop.

That didn’t stop locals of Ouray town to be disappointed as the town became a relaxing centre for nature lovers and a sports arena for winter sports. The gorgeous falls, the multiple hot springs, the never-ending greenery of the valleys and the snow-clad mountains were visual sights that keep tourists mesmerized. Adventure and excitement loving people love to explore the mountains while hiking or by riding bicycles. In winters, ski competitions are held where the world’s best skilled skiers seek to participate. In short, you can say that a mining town of past has become the most welcoming tourist destination you can never miss as a traveler.

Post Author: Evie Cory