Do You Want to Visit Magnolia? The Climate at the Place Throughout the Year

Magnolia which is in Texas is a fabulous place to visit, however before visiting, it is important to know the climatic conditions of the place.

Usually, Texas is known for its hot climate and therefore the months between March to November will be the right time to visit this place when you can enjoy your time in Magnolia Fields RV Park and Resort.

The highest average temperature can go up to 35ᵒC in the month of July and the lowest temperature you can find in Texas around 16ᵒC during the month of January.

Since this place is located near to the ocean, you can expect regular rainfall during all the months in a year. Therefore, you need to know the climate status of every month so that you can decide the right month when you can plan your visit.

In the following paragraphs, we are providing you the climatic conditions of each month of the year based on the data of last 30 years.


Maximum temperature during this month is 16ᵒC and minimum is 6ᵒC. Also, rainfall is average for 11 days with 50 mm of rainfall.


Maximum temperature during February is 18ᵒC and the minimum temperature is 9ᵒC. During 13 days of the month you can expect 49mm rainfall.


During this month the average maximum temperature shoots up to 22ᵒC and the minimum temperature also increases to 12ᵒC. you can expect average rainfall for 13 days with 57 mm rainfall.


During this month maximum temperature further rises to 26ᵒC while minimum temperature remains at 15ᵒC. You can expect a 49 mm rainfall for 14 days.


May temperature rises to maximum 30ᵒC and minimum goes to 20ᵒC. during this month you can expect 80 mm rainfall for 14 days.


June temperature will be maximum up to 34ᵒC and minimum at 23ᵒC and there will be rainfall for 16 days with 69 mm.


Hottest month of the year when maximum temperature goes to 35ᵒC and minimum 24ᵒC with average rainfall of 64 mm for 15 days.


Another hottest month with the same maximum and minimum temperature of 74mm rainfall for 15 days is August.


Maximum temperature slightly drops to 32ᵒC and minimum at 22ᵒC with 19 days of rainy day with 82mm rainfall.


Little more drop in maximum temperature and it remains at 28ᵒC and minimum temperature at 17ᵒC. Average rainfall in this month is 73mm for 2 days.


November month becomes a bit comfortable as the maximum temperature is 21ᵒC and minimum at 12ᵒC. There will be rainfall for 12 days of about 50mm.


Maximum temperature during this month is 17ᵒC and minimum at 8ᵒC with 14 rainy days with 74mm rainfall.

Post Author: Evie Cory