The Different Types and Uses of Accommodation Vessels

Accommodation vessels are large rugged ships that are designed to house workstation crews on the sea. They can be in form of floating rigs, work platforms, fixed rigs or lift boats. They are designed in various ways in accordance with the functions they would be performing and are generally built to work in the harsh environment of the open sea.

Moreover, they are also used as construction vessels with equipment in place for the task to be performed. Construction of other large sea platforms like oil rigs can also be carried out with accommodation barges. Their size is determined by the task they are set out to perform. The biggest vessel can accommodate more than a thousand crew members at once. As a result of this, when designing them a lot of consideration is put into providing enough space that will make them function properly.

A fixed platform is another form of an accommodation ship and it is also built to withstand tough weather conditions. Fixed platforms are equipped with dedicated gear and every other facilities that will make them practical cities on the sea. In addition, they are also equipped with storage facilities especially if the platform is an oil rig. There is also provision for recreational facilities for crew members who will want to unwind after work. As a result of this, they are very large and well built to be rugged in readiness for harsh weather conditions.

A lift boat is another form of an accommodation ship. It is self-powered, mobile and cannot perform the same function like the fixed or floating rig, but can be utilized for multi dimensional purposes. They’ve a lot of features that is similar to other accommodation vessels however they possess the addedadvantage of moving from one place to another. There is provision for work space which allows heavy construction tasks to take place and they work conveniently with other accommodation ships.

The charter of an accommodation vessel should be the priority of companies with offshore workstations. It is a cheaper way to operate these workstations thereby reducing expenses and increasing profit. But a reliable charter could only be organized by reputable broker who is well positioned to strike the best deal. In fact, a lot of time would be saved by using a broker who understands the business and has a wide network of ship owners. This way, it is going to a win-win situation for both parties.

Post Author: Evie Cory