Planning to Visit the Granby Zoo? Here’s What You Should Explore

Visit the Zoo Granby to admire the exotic animals like Snow Leopards, Amur Tigers, Wallabies, and Japanese Macaques in the winter time. Zoo de Granby in winter time means you can see 90 percent of the animals at 50 percent of the summer rate. In order to keep yourself warm on your entire visit, there are pavilions available and accessible during the cold season as well. Here is what you can explore at Zoo de Granby

  • The Elephants’ and Giraffes’ Pavilion
  • The Afrika Pavilion
  • The Hippo River
  • The Temple
  • The Cavern
  • The Discovery Hut
  • The South-Pacific Odyssey Aquarium

The new winter village

The Zoo de Granby hosts a number of activities for a fun family day. In the wintertime, you can explore the all new winter village where you can enjoy on slides, maze and giant games. When you walk along, you can also test your knowledge with the interactive rally present there. There are also 10 stations to test you on how you perform on different challenges and answer question using all your senses. Around 10 theme presentations are organized on a daily basis and guided by an animal care technician who will share the secrets of their wards.

Explore all the presentations and activities

The learning thrives at an entirely different level when you vacay at Zoo de Granby. You get to touch furs, skulls and live animals and set off on an adventure. Also, you will meet many educators being accompanied by the animals.

Zoo de Granby at Night

The safari will have 30 participants, 2 guides and more than 1,500 wild animals, the Zoo at Night activity will have you experience a unique overnight camping event. THE ACTIVITY INCLUDES:

At Zoo de Granby at night you can experience the exotic safari. The safari will have 30 participants, 2 guides and you can explore more than 1500 wild animals.

The activity may include:

  • A Ndiszi supper (an African-themed meal)
  • A continental breakfast
  • A snack by the fire
  • Lodging in an African hut
  • A guided tour of the Asian and South American sectors
  • A day pass for the zoo including the Amazoo Waterpark
  • A personal contact with certain zoo animals and a lot more.

Note that all the activities are hosted in French.

Post Author: Evie Cory