If You Love Traveling and Smoking, Follow These 5 Tips

No matter if you are planning for a two week vacation or another country, or just hiking up the nearby trail, never forget to carry the smoking essentials with you. Apart from the stash and a storage case, there are many items many people underestimate when traveling with their supplies. Here is a list of travel essentials you must carry if you are a smoker.

  • Container

Never be too cliché and carry your product in a bag if you are traveling somewhere. Rather, invest in a storage container from smokeshop in Tempe when you are on the go. Always remember that that it is illegal to carry illegal substances through the airport, no matter where you are traveling to and from. Many smoking accessories are confiscated inevitably, no matter if it is in the checked bag or carry on.

  • Grinder

The worst thing is when you have everything you need for a good sesh, but you forgot the grinder. Now you have ended up in sticky and smelly fingers from the herb before smoking the joint. So, never forget your grinder.

  • Papers and/or Discreet Pipe

You may need something to smoke with so decide you want to use rolling papers or pipe for smoking. There are many pipes that don’t look like pipes. If you can’t do it without water filtration, and the water pipe is too big, then try a spubbler. They mix the portability of a spoon pipe with the filtration feature of a full sized water pipe. They are also spill resistant, so they are ideal for travel. Usually papers and tobacco pipes are never confiscated, but if you are carrying anything else, it can be risky.

  • Cleaner and Cotton Swabs

Avoid getting all gross with the pipe. If you don’t have basic cleaning supplies then ensure to have some packed with you. Pipe cleaners and solutions are a must when you are on the go. You may also want to clean it thoroughly before you take it back through the airport. Or you can carry rolling papers and don’t have to use the pipes at all.

  • Water Bottle

Carry 2 water bottles, one for you and another for your water pipe. You may get more dehydrated if you travel to an elevated place. And carry an extra for your water pipe if you think the area has little to no water supply.

Post Author: Evie Cory