Few Useful Ideas to Enjoy Hiking with Kids

It is no surprise that your child is enthusiastic to enjoy outdoor activities like many other kids. Many hikers are quite doubtful and remain stressed when their child demands to go hiking with them. They are unable to suppress the enthusiasm of their child and confused as they are aware of the risk factors associated with hiking.

Here are few easy to follow tips to help you as a parent to enjoy your child’s first hike:

  • You need to keep them hydrated and well fed. You need to have good quality drinking containers and fresh snacks wrapped in your backpack. Some favourite cool juice mixed with glucose will be surely refreshing to drink while hiking.
  • Make sure to dress them with proper hiking gear: Their hiking shoes should be of perfect fit and before you make them wear their dress, it is best to use mosquito repellent solution on their whole body.
  • Don’t forget to get first aid kit. Children do get stressed or whine even for small rashes, thus it is best to have antiseptic creams, bandages and disinfectant liquid washes to use if unfortunately, they skip and will have mud all over them.
  • Be prepared to get small break times in between. Children tend to get tired soon thus to keep their exploring spirit live get few short recesses while on trial. It will help them to regain their strength and won’t lag behind.
  • Have few stopovers where kids can safely explore. On trails many kids feel like exploring the mystics of nature. They don’t like to walk fast and finish the hiking expedition in a short time. Yes, it may increase the hours of finishing the hike however it is really pleasant to watch them enjoy their discovered treasures. Even colourful pebbles are greatly valued by kids hence don’t let them miss it out.

  • Don’t forget to bring power pellets and suckers: They are the energy boosters and help children pass time while on the move. They are yummy and quite likable to have more, thus no kids will deny them while on trial.
  • Be prepared to talk or story telling while moving forward. Children do like to grasp interesting knowledge about the place where they are stepping on. Some children love to recite poems, sing songs and even like to hear stories. You will never know when you have completed the hiking task and ready to rest for a while.

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Post Author: Evie Cory