Equipment you need before going into horse riding


Horses and horse-riding equipmentare quite pricey, it is common knowledge that horsebreeders, owners, and riders often haveto part with theirdimes. Though a lucrative sport and business for those who venture, horse riding often comes at ahigh cost.So, in light of these, this article is especially for those and who are new to the adventures of horseriding

Equipment needed forhorsebackriding

Like in any adventure or any occupation, several gears and wearsareneeded to protect oneself from any form of accident or incidences. In this section a couple ofequipment that any prospectivehorseriderwouldneed will be briefly highlighted.

Riding pants; riding pants come in front of breaches that are athletically designed for horse riding. They are most often made with stretchy thin fabrics that gives riders much freedom from the waist down.There are also other styles of ranging pants such as Jodhpurs

Helmets; No matter how good or professional you think you have become in the aspect of horseriding,the use of a protective helmet is verynon-negotiable.It’s not just to be owned but must always be worn during a horse ride or race. You would need a helmet that is specifically designed and crafted forhorsebackriding and you have to be sure that it’s the perfect size for you, as you don’t want to lose your helmet mid-race.

Boots;any equestrian or aspiring equestrian should have riding boots because riding boots have lightly textured soles and really smallheelsto keep the rider from sliding off of the stirrup.However, you can still wear your regular boot, but regular boots have nothing on boots that are originally made for horseback riding.

Safety vests; as the name implies safety vests could help prevent serious damage to the torso in case of a seriousfall while horse riding.And also, more importantly, they prevent you from the impact of your horses’ hooves. There are various designs of safety vests and one can find a plethora of designsat such riding fairs as trail rides San Antonio.

Shirts; although these are not sacrosanct to own, there are shirts specifically made for riding they have special features that comforts and allows some level of freedom while riding.Some of these shirts have UV protection and these are good if you’ll be spending so much time outside on horseback.


There are of course riding gears for your horse too because the horses also need comfort to keep both of you safe. These said gears for the horses range from bridle, reins, bits, to saddles, saddle pad, girth, etc. These gears are importantnecessities to be had by both the rider and the horse because safety should always be the first course of action.

Finally,there’s a need to regurgitate and emphasize the use of safety gears, they are not to be kept for decorative purposes but should be used during horseback ride.

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