As well as Travel: Survey Results Reveal Trends and Preferences

Content is wonderful things. Just if you think there is a good handle round the who, when, where and why, researching the market will generate results that challenge individuals ideas.

For instance the present travel interests survey that girls Traveling Together sent to 7000 women in April 2006. My first surprise was the amount of responses we have got. Professionals say you do “good” if you can obtain a 5% response rate. Well, we did a lot better than that, weighing almost 9%, (representing the opinions more than 600 women).

We’ll, clearly, utilize the survey results in develop our tour schedule however, many surprising tid-bits regarding the “who, when, where and why” of women’s travel preferences were also revealed. Notebook results shown…

Who Women Travel With…

Obtaining a travel partner is tough. More than 65% of girls mentioned that they’re getting difficulty locating a partner to go somewhere with.

…However when they’re doing travel, they enjoy to go somewhere with the ladies! Most either traveled getting a girlfriend or alone, in either situation chosen a women’s group.

When Women Travel…

Women will travel whatever season they could! 45% in the women mentioned anytime is a superb time to travel.

Women are “travel crazy.” Over 40% in the women surveyed had 4 or maybe more journeys formerly 18 several days.

Where Women Travel…

Women new destinations. 65% in the women responding mentioned they’d rather visit new places, than return to places they’d been.

Alaska ideas come! Alaska was the most effective U.S. destination having a landslide.

Italia, Italia, and Italia. The overwhelming first choice for Europe was Italia.

Why Women Travel…

The great factor about Nature is why women travel. The most effective have to vacation-wherever the destination would have been to start to see the pure beauty the destination provides.

Cost is secondary. When choosing to go to, women consider where they wish to go first, then think about the cash and who they’ll travel with.

How Women Choose to Travel…

By land in the event you please. An enormous majority preferred a land tour with a cruise.

Debra Asberry was bitten with the travel bug at 11 during a vacation to Yellowstone. Becoming an adult, she preferred to visit more but frequently learned that buddies, family or her husband couldn?t or wouldn?t continue the journeys she wanted. Reluctant to visit alone, in 1997 she founded Women Traveling Together which today offers over 30 tours yearly for girls.

Post Author: Evie Cory